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Please check Appointment Guidelines link before coming to your appointment it will help you understand the new procedures we need to follow.

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    Because our bodies are approximately 70% water, we ourselves interact with this field (Ion Cleanse).
    The toxins in our bodies will look similar to the toxins predominant in a specific area; however, there
    will be more toxic particles in the water with the client’s feet immersed.

    "Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well being from each Ion Cleanse Session. Some people with pain, edema, and swollen or deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief from the Ion Cleanse sessions."

    The Ion Cleanse helps your body to start a detox process and during that process you need to give your body a chance to re-calibrate from the shift in torte load.

    Rest is important in healing.
    Nutrition is important in healing.
    Water Consumption is important in healing.
    Ability of the body to eliminate toxic load is important in healing.

    Also, it is IMPORTANT that you are eating a balanced, nutritional diet, fresh foots, drinking plenty of fluid and taking the appropriate supplements to support your unique physical and psychological needs. Remember detoxification accelerates changes in the body and healthy lifestyle choices will support this process.

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    We require a 24-hour cancellation notice or appointment rescheduling of all services.
    A Charge of 50% of the service will be incurred for all missed appointments.

    Please note that this card will only be charged in the case of a same-day cancellation or a no-show appointment, please bring in a separate payment method at the time of your service.

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